This statement presents the core values of NAAIED members and, more broadly, of the Interim Executive profession. These values provide the foundation for the Member Code of Conduct and are the fundamental beliefs that guide our behaviors and decision-making process. We believe our professional values are vital to the integrity of the profession as a whole.

Members of NAAIED agree to:

  • Respect and uphold all laws that govern our work.
  • Protect the confidentiality of information given in the professional relationship.
  • Act with integrity and fairness in all matters.
  • Build mutual understanding, credibility, and collaborative relationships among all parties as we proceed in our work.
  • Demonstrate transparency in the decision-making process and disclose all potential conflicts of interest
  • Work actively for ethical practices by individuals and organizations engaged in all types of consultation to not-for-profit organizations.
  • Be aware, at all times, of the cultural filters that may affect their view of the world, respect cultures different from their own, and be sensitive to cross-cultural and multi-cultural differences and their implications.
  • Remain mission minded and represent the interests of the organization in a manner that reflects positively on it.
  • Render services as contracted and make accurate and factual public statements, avoiding exaggerated claims in promotion or advertising.
  • Strive to achieve and increase a professional level of competence through continuing education, evaluation, and active involvement with NAAIED and other professional bodies.
  • Act in ways that bring credit to the Interim profession, with due respect and regard for colleagues in other professions and fields.
  • Perform duties with sensitivity to the fact that their recommendations and actions may alter the lives and well-being of staff, volunteers, and the population served by their clients and the larger systems within which they operate.

Code of Conduct