NAAIED’s Purpose

The Nonprofit sector is a vital force in our communities. Founded by inspired leaders committed to making a difference, led by volunteer Boards of Directors, nonprofits provide resources and solutions where they are limited or nonexistent. In a time of a nonprofit’s leadership transition, Board members are pressed to ensure the viability of the organization and a smooth change for clients, staff and other stakeholders. Transition can be a time of challenge or a time of opportunity. An Interim Executive Director is the bridge that gives the Board time and information to make the right choices.

Board members need knowledge of and access to qualified Interim Executive Directors.  Interim Executive Directors need to tell their story and advance their profession.  This in the service of making a difference in our communities.

NAAIED was created to:

  • Promote the Interim Executive philosophy and understanding of the importance of Interim Executives for nonprofit Board member ease and seamless transition between leaders.
  • Ensure Board Members that NAAIED Members have a level of professionalism through criteria for members.
  • Recognition of outstanding Interim Executive Directors and Interim Directors.
  • Offer an online directory of Interim Executives by field, including but not limited to Directors, Development, Marketing, Human Resources, Organizational Development and Finance.
  • As requested, make available a specifically selected slate of Interim candidates for Board or Search Committee interviews.
  • Provide a repository for information, opportunities and training through collaboration with National IED resources.
  • Support and promote community IED peer groups.
  • Offer unique and current Interim approaches based on results from IED case studies.
  • Provide marketing and outreach opportunities for members.


NAAIED was founded by Jacqueline Janssen, CEO of Janssen & Associates (J&A) and a team of Interim Executive Directors. J&A, founded in 1978, added Executive Recruiting for fortune 500 corporations in 1996. Jacqueline served on nonprofit Boards of Directors as a member and saw the impact and contribution a few people could make for a community. She also saw the need for excellent, professional executive leadership placement in nonprofit organizations…Read more


Board of Directors

Jacqueline Janssen, President

Michael Morrissey, Vice President/Treasurer

Deborah Levy

Peter Clayton Lee

Founding Members

Karen Deshayes

Louise Franklin

Gemmie Jones

Peter Clayton Lee

Deborah Levy

Cindy Myers

Carol Patterson

Jay Zlotnick


Tim Wolfred